Platform Bed

A while back when I was just beginning to make furniture as a full time gig, a friend asked me to make a platform bed for him. Being a little naive at the time, I agreed without much hesitation. Well, many post-work day / late nights later it was finally finished and as trying as it was at times, I’m pretty happy with the way it ended up.

He had an idea what he wanted, just a simple platform bed for his new mattress that he could roll around as needed and could be taken apart and moved. I figured if he was getting a custom made bed, I might as well make it unique. So, I added these custom resin-poured areas for him to store some bedside items. There is a space for his phone, a drink and anything else he might need bedside.

Since there was room for a phone, I figured I might as well add some outlets so he could easily plug in. My friend (and mentor) Derek Chen saw these spinning outlets somewhere, and I couldn’t resist.

Although I am happy with the way the bed turned out, I learned that I should have started out making something much smaller. Not only did I take up a little too much space in the shop, everything was that much harder to do when there is only one of you working on it. The bed is made from (Greenply) walnut plywood with solid walnut edging. The internal frame is made from white oak. It sits on 4 locking casters and can be taken apart for ease of moving.

10 responses to “Platform Bed

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  2. Don

    I should be Art Directing a facebook campaign right now, but all I want to do is to quit my advertising job, and do what you do.

  3. Dominic

    Hey man,

    I really like the way this bed turned out, really strong design. I’m curious to know what type of hardware you used, can it “knock-down” and be moved?

  4. Beautiful bed bro. Please make me a bed, a bike shelf, a crib, a house, a barn, a log cabin, and a record player like bddw’s slate/stone record player but with redwood.

  5. This looks great! I have a question regarding the resin storage areas, particularly the one for a glass. Is there any worry about condensation on the glass eventually damaging the wood? Obviously thats why you did it in resin, I just cant see how deep the hole goes.

    I’m trying to learn how to make furniture for my own place and you are definitely an inspiration, keep it up!

    • Hey Zachary. The resin areas are 3/4″ deep. I don’t think condensation will be an issue. The rest of the bed is finished with conversion varnish so it should keep up really well. Hopefully I won’t find out differently.

  6. Felix Kronabetter

    dude! super cool. How come there is no facebook “like” button on your website?

  7. lox

    dude im in zimbabwe and i will def be in touch with you. you my hero. i also make furniture and this is not only innovative but inspiring

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