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Frames make nice presents

Pine Frames

Whenever I would go get something framed, I was always surprised by how much it costs. You always want to treat nice artwork well and make it last, so framing is of course the next step after you have made, found or purchased a piece. Well, I got sick of paying too much money and decided to just make frames myself. I had all the tools, so why not? I first started by making some frames for myself and then made some for friends and now I am making them for anyone interested.

So, if you are looking for a unique, one of a kind handmade frame to give as a present, or if you are just looking for one yourself, I’m here for you. I can make frames of most any size, with any kind of wood in any color and variety of styles. All frames are handmade and unique, so they will all look a little different. I back all frames and include hanging hardware. If you’re interested, just email me. In the meantime, you can check out some of the frames I have made in the past here.


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Open for business


ello everyone. After a few months of designing and building things for myself, I have decided to make a go of it and open up shop for business. If you are looking for any custom made furniture, picture frames, or anything else you are thinking in your head but don’t have the time, tools or skills to make, I’m here for you. I am accepting projects of most any size, just contact me. Before I get this site fully up and running, you can find samples of some of my other work on my portfolio site at


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