nife & Saw is the home of furniture and other objects designed by myself, Chris Brigham.

I have spent the last 11 years working as a Graphic Designer, all along wishing I was making more with my hands. I always imagined I would be an architect when I was younger because I was nerdy enough to enjoy the math and science portion of school while all along being really interested in art. Well, when college came around I decided instead to get a degree in Fine Art, with an emphasis in Photography from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduation, my wife and I ended up moving up to the Bay Area and I landed a job as a Graphic Designer for one of the many doomed dot-coms of the time.

Nearly 11 years later, after working for a start-up or two, the amazing yet ill-fated Design Magazine-ONE, a small web company named Google and with an extremely talented group of people at Factor Design, I found myself still striving to make more tangible objects. So I decided to turn my garage into a wood shop and start building. With that, Knife & Saw was born. Not having a formal education in furniture design, I find myself learning a lot along the way, but almost always figuring it out in the end. I have a knack for reverse engineering and willingness to fail miserably which I think help a lot. My aim for Knife & Saw is to be a place where people can come with a problem or idea and I can take that and build something to fit it. I felt like it was hard to find custom built furniture that was somewhat affordable around town, so I’m hoping to fill that void.

If you have any project that you’ve been thinking about but never knew how to go about building it or didn’t have the tools to do so, I would like to help. I will also be building things along the way that I hope to sell as is. I will update the site as I finish these projects so people can have the opportunity to get something pre-made, or just see what the possibilities may be.

Please contact me with any questions at chris@theknifeandsaw.com
You can also check out my other design work at www.welovegargantua.com if you have any Graphic Design needs.

42 responses to “About

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  10. liz

    just came across your blog during a search for wooden bike racks. wow. you create beautiful work & you are an inspiration. thankyou for sharing your creations. 🙂

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  14. Hello,

    Congrats on making the move. Like you I always wanted to be something else but instead of wanted to be a architect I wanted to be a furniture designer but did graphics instead – 6 years and still doing this.. Maybe one day I will be coming up with some great pieces like yours.. hope this is working for you!

  15. wow! really cool! I love it!

    I love the bike shelf. really inspiring! 😀

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  19. i’ve just found your site and just wanted to say that your work is great. I was searching for other furniture people making bike related objects and came upon your “bike shelf”… nicely done. All your work has a clean-ness that is rare among woodworkers, so maybe it comes from your graphic design background.

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  24. Mark Sembach

    I saw your bike shelf in Dwell. Do you have access to sustainably grown Sheesham? Do you build custom furniture? Thank you!

  25. Hi Chris,
    I find your work inspiring, and one of the reasons I recently got into woodwork myself. Keep it up!

  26. originalploy

    got to this blog thru Daily Candy! I love your work !!!

  27. your bike rack shelf is genius

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  29. Martha @ Nest

    You deserve the success! I spotted your rack at first re-nest posting. Excellent! Keep it up

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  34. Jamie

    Beautiful products and design! Definite inspiration – I’m working towards my own shop as well. Have always had interest in architecture and design, especially furniture making. Way to live your dream…

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    les joueurs le recommande vivement!

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