Monthly Archives: December 2010

Stacks o’ Shelves

I finished up another batch of shelves a week or so ago and have been shipping them out. It’s definitely been keeping me busy, a little too busy. I’ve been putting off some other projects since the Bike Shelf madness, most notably a project for a good friend.

So… Because of this, and the holidays, I am going to put off the next batch of shelves until January. If you would like to order a shelf, the way to do it is still to just email me at Just let me know which version you would like and give me your shipping info. I will get you on the list for the next batch and let you know when I think it will be done. When I get closer to completion, I will ask you for payment. I am also going to be making a couple shelves made from Maple. These will sell for $285.

I hope you are all well and thank you to everyone who has sent me such nice email about my work, as well as posted about it various places. It is very much appreciated. Hope you have a nice holiday.


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