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Coffee at 10 degrees

A friend approached me a while back about making her a coffee table. Then I had two children… my son and a Bike Shelf. So, luckily she was patient and after a bit of a wait, I finally got her the table she had been waiting for.


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Bike Shelf Update

Please go here for the most updated information and purchasing options for The Bike Shelf. This site you are currently on is no longer being updated, there is a new Knife & Saw website

Hello all. I have been getting lots of emails, so I just wanted to update people on the current status of ordering Bike Shelves. For all of you who have made an order already by filling out the online form, you should have been contacted by me. If not, please mail me and let me know. For the rest of you, here’s the deal…

Demand has been really high for these and I am at the moment still making all of these by myself. Although a good problem to have, for those of you who want a shelf right away, it is a problem none the less. All of you have been super patient, so thank you for that. So, the plan from here on out is that if you would like to order a shelf, just know that the current lead time is around 12 weeks, give or take. If you are ok with this, then go ahead and fill out the form. Because I have other projects that I have been putting off, and interest from some of you in custom pieces, I will also be limiting the number of shelves I make in the future. After I fulfill the current orders to date, I will only be making 10 or so shelves per month. Your order will be taken in the order it was received. When you put in an order, I will contact you and let you know an estimated date for completion. I will also most likely update this site if I have openings in the current batch for orders, or decide to get help making these, thus speeding up the process. So, if you would like to stay updated, please subscribe to this blog (on right hand column). I promise you that your inbox won’t be full of emails from me.

Thanks again for all of your interest, kind words about the shelf and patience. Hope you all are well.


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New Space

After many months of Derek at Council being nice enough to let me rent out some of his space to help start Knife & Saw, I finally found a new (and permanent) space to call home. I will be forever grateful to Derek for his part he played in the birth of Knife & Saw, but now starts the next chapter. Some friends (Celia and Dan) at Tree To Table were nice enough to accomodate me and my Bike Shelf operation and have invited me to share some of their beautiful space with them. If you are ever looking for some beautiful pieces of Claro or Bastogne Walnut that Dan is constantly milling, or some furniture made from it, you should definitely contact them.

For all of you who have put in an order for a Bike Shelf, I have your order and am working every day to get it finished for you. There has been a lot of demand and still one of me, so it takes a little time. I hope it is well worth it when it finally arrives.

And lastly, thank you to Dwell for including me in the current issue. Check it out if you have a chance.

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