Bike Shelf

Please go here for the most updated information and purchasing options for The Bike Shelf. This site you are currently on is no longer being updated, there is a new Knife & Saw website

While visiting many friends small apartments here in SF and more so in NY, I noticed that there is a void when it comes to elegant bike management. Bikes always get in the way – either in the hall, or leaning up against a bookshelf or something. So, I decided to design something to fix that problem. It’s called The Bike Shelf.

Made from solid wood (in this case, Walnut) and suspended by a steel square rod mount, this shelf can hold both your bike, as well as anything else you want on it quite easily. If you want to just showcase your bike, that’s fine, but if you want to utilize the space for books, flowers, bike accessories, etc., that’s what it’s there for.

Bike Shelf - Ash Wide duo

I have designed this to hopefully fit most bike frames, but perhaps not all. The standard slot size is 1.75″ and the clearance needed underneath the topbar at 17″ apart is 1.5″. Please check to see if your bike will fit. If not, we can talk about customizing it for your frame. Custom designs might have an added fee based on how much I would have to change. The shelf attaches to the wall by sliding over (and locking into) a steel mount that is ideally screwed into two wall studs.

The prices are as follows:

Walnut: $299

Ash: $299

Please go here to purchase.

Bike Shelf - Ash Closeup

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    • Kriss

      Where can I get one and how much???

      • CPoticha


      • Vic

        What a jerk this guy (not you Kriss, but the one below – Uri). Ugly website and ugly stuff– his comment should be deleted immediately.

        Great design K&S. Do you ship internationally?

      • Thanks. I’m tempted to delete it, but also don’t love the idea of censoring people. Just seems like a jerk move, especially from what looks to be a small designer/shop.

        Yes, I plan on shipping internationally. I am looking into the cheapest way to do it right now. What I have found so far seems to be pretty expensive.

      • Greg

        Terrific! I must show this to my wife and attempt to convince her this would look great in our home, wish me luck!

    • Wow this is so ingenious. I wish I had this when I was living in san francisco. I also wish I had a bike then too so I can put it up. Im telling all my friends about this who still live there ,they definitely need this. Awesome creation!!!

  2. What a cool idea…makes me want to get a bike. 🙂 You might want to try something for strollers too. That is another thing that is hard to store.

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  5. ingenious and brilliant design. i love it. all your designs are gorgeous. i’ve featured your bike shelf on my blog. thank you.

    • Thanks Amanda, really glad you like the shelf and thanks for posting it on your site. I will be posting pricing info hopefully in the next few days. Awaiting the arrival of my first kid any minute now so times are a little crazy at the moment.

  6. hey dude

    most handle bars wont fit !

    • How is that? You tell me what size your bars are so I can make sure they fit. These are handmade. How wide are the bars you are concerned about? The one in that photo will fit 24″ wide bars. Pretty wide…

      • Lukas

        Do this shelf fit to full suspension frame designs? Or it is made custom for every order?
        Anyway idea is great!

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  8. Have you thought about something for step-through bikes?

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  10. Avi

    Are there plans for this? I want to build one bad.

    • Buy one or improve the design.

      • Mark

        Or just make one and not sell it. (I’m also a designer&builder and OK with this idea, fwiw)

        @ Avi: the drawings are not open source. But, uhm, if you have skills to make one… you probably wouldn’t need his drawings, its really simple.

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  12. This is a neat idea.

    I remember reading a cycling magazine a few weeks ago, and it was explaining how funny it is that something so useful can be so awkward to store.

    Looks like this may have solved the problem though.

    How much are they going for?


  13. great idea and fantastic woodwork – like it!

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  16. Hi Everyone. Thanks for the great response. I am working on getting pricing up today so check back later if you’re interested.

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  18. marycycle

    Cool shelf, but what cyclist has only one bike?! Need multi-bike shelf system please.

  19. Hey Chris-

    I’m gonna throw it up on our blog today too- great stuff! …and we love great handmade stuff! Congrats on your child too!

    When things slow down for ya (and they probably won’t now for at least 18 years!) we’d love to review one on our site!

    My main man also started making Bates Crates- handmade porter crates. He made a couple, put them on our blog, & Trek picked it up for this year’s bikes, and now Globe is in the works and possibly Dutch Bike too…

    Just goes to show that if you build it, they WILL come!

    Keep up the great work!!!


  20. Wow…what a beautiful and clever solution to such an ugly problem. So glad I haven’t put up a bike rack yet!

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  25. I must have one! We house three bikes in our hallway! It would be a beautiful solution.

    So we should tell you our handlebar measurements? Or frame sizes? Or both?

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  27. love this design…if they weren’t so pricey I’d have already bought two. nice work!!! I need to start saving $$$;)

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  29. moot

    Mixte please!

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  33. Awesome idea! I wish I had a beautiful bike like this to be hung 😀

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  38. frank

    love it!

    but: how does it mount to the wall?

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  42. Amy

    I love it! It looks great.

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  45. What a great idea!!! Very cool!

    & congrats on fatherhood too!

  46. Lazarus

    This will cause scratches from the cables running underneath the top-tube for most bikes.

    • I’m opening up the slot a little bit for bike with cables and will probably include some felt if you want to pad it.

      • Lazarus

        However you do it, the cables will scratch the toptube on the bike. It will work for mountain bikes and ‘cross bikes with cables on the top of the top tube, fixies with no cables, and bikes with hidden cables though.

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  54. Brilliant design Idea, but as a cabinetmaker, what bothers me is that wood movement has not been considered. The top and bottom pieces will shrink and contract due to season changes. The front piece will not allow them to do so freely, causing them to either warp or crack. And the ring growth have not been alternated in the glue up process. You should revise your building techniques before building the next one. Sorry, just trying to be helpful because I think that this is a very nice piece.


    • Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate the concern. I’ve told most everyone that has shown interest in buying one, but I am (and have already) made changes to this design to fit not only my bike, but to also address some of these issues you have raised. I will definitely be alternating boards as to avoid cupping, as well as opening up the slot to fit bikes with larger top tubes, cables etc. I am also looking into concerns about scratching both the shelf and bike. The one I made was a prototype made specifically for my bike, so I know it wasn’t perfect. The ones I make for sale will have all of these issues taken into consideration and hopefully resolved. Thanks, K&S.

  55. For the love of Dog, please turn off the annoying SnapShots pop-up thingies! They serve no purpose whatsoever and are the worst thing since flaming fireballs on web pages!

  56. Pyrophilly

    Beautiful & Awesome, I would get another bike just to hang it in, dont want the wood to get damaged

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  60. leavesamark

    Bike Shelf, for the Schwinn!

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  74. beautiful and elegant solution

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  80. angus from the glen

    i think you should buy a new bike and leave that one there. cape breton

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  85. borjasss

    very expensive

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  87. Very neat but a little bit expensive surely?

    • Not too bad when you consider the cost of the wood he’s using and the fact that it’s 100% hand made. Even with jigs and templates, it takes a few hours to build something like this.

  88. Drew

    Hey saw the bike shelf on coolhunter and just thought Id let u know that they look absolutely amazing. I live in Australia in a small terrace and I need one of these to ease the clutter of our small dwelling. Good work. And congrates on being a father

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  91. Love the shelf! Great work. BTW, it will take about 25 years for “the storm to pass”.

  92. Hey Chris, I love your Shelf! Its simple and timeless and thats what it makes so special.
    I have posted it on my German Blog.
    Hope to get some people visit your site!+

    Great Work!

    thats your link:

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  94. Anonymous

    great and nice idea!!! and…. kool !

  95. Jen

    Best wishes on the newest addition to your family!

    Looking forward to (hopefully) a Mixte shelf in the near future. Would love it for my NYC apt!

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  98. Great concept and beautiful design! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for step-throughs!

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  116. CPoticha

    Nice idea, and at first, it looked smart. Then you realize it only works with a man’s bike with no exposed cables.

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  120. Simon Sharwood

    What size are those wheels? They look smaller than many.

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  125. Eva Vázquez


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  143. Love it, want it… helping you promote it =D

    Nice work, function+form as they say…

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  150. Inez

    just out of curiosity what kind of bike do you have? its a neat bike.

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  161. Chris

    Looks like a great idea. I’d also like something similar for a snowboard – reckon the design could be adapted to fit?

    If you’re under too much demand at the moment, how would you feel about selling the design for personal use?

  162. Kimball

    Beautiful design.

    I am wondering if after time the paint would not be affected by friction against the shelf. Does one put felt at points of contact?

    • I am going to be providing felt with the shelves if you want to put it on. Personally, I prefer to not have it as I think the shelf looks better without and I haven’t really noticed my bike being damaged. Also… it’s a bike, so I don’t expect it to look untouched but I know that’s not everyones opinion.

  163. Peggy Darlington

    I want 4!

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  169. Love the Design and Execution but I have to make one comment as both a competitive cyclist and fellow woodworker. There are a lot of bikes out there, specifically the mountain bikes, that run cables across the bottom or tops of the frame’s top tube. Additionally these bikes have very different geometries resulting in the top tube not being parallel to the ground, causing a very strange center of gravity when put in any kind of “rack”. Both of these things might be something to consider and / or warn of. Love the look though, I could imagine a small draw for gloves and warmers, and using the top to hold the helmet and shoes (barring they aren’t covered in mud, that just wouldn’t be right)

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  172. weight


    I was wondering how heavy your bike should be before the screw buckle or bend over time? I ride a fixed masi — steel, and although it is light, it is heavier than aluminum. Have you noticed your shelf or screws tilting/bending over time?

    Thanks a bunch! I love the idea and colour of wood.

    • I haven’t noticed any tilting/bending. The internal mount is made of steel and it should screw into (at least one) wall stud(s) if possible. It’s pretty strong.

  173. Great post. I was just googling around about this when I found your post.

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  176. Jason

    I love this… Any idea on shipping costs to the UK?

  177. Ryanb

    very simple,very cool,much better than a big stand,and if your into wooden furnature and such this is the answer,well done guys

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  185. That is so great !! I will make order in ash for my husband to xmas !! 🙂 good present for 😀 Please send me your paypal account ?!? Or other Payment instrucktion !!?thanks and greeting from Berlin

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  189. Sergio

    Just finished installing my bike shelf. I want to compliment Chris on a fantastic product. Installation was straight forward and my shelf looks fantastic. Even the packaging was beautifully assembled.


    Thanks again,

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  192. Please let me know if you’re looking for a article author for your weblog. You have some really great articles and I believe I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write some material for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please send me an e-mail if interested. Thanks!

  193. Anonymous


    Where and how can I order one? please help


  194. nir

    i want one (bike shelf)

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  200. Julian Hucker

    This is a lovely solution – I’ve spent ages trying to find an attractive solution for hanging my bike.

    My only problem is that my bike has a curved top-tube:

    Do you think that you could do a version to fit?

    • This is an issue a few people have had, so I plan on finding a solution. Just been too busy to do it yet. I will definitely update my site when those are available.

  201. Anonymous

    About how many lbs can it support?

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  203. Hi Chris,

    It’s a beautiful shelf. I mentioned it in a blog post (in Swedish), and also used one of the images. I hope you don’t mind me using the image, in that case, please tell me, and I’ll link directly to your picture instead. I have credited both shelf and photo to you.


  204. BT

    When you say “these are handmade”, you mean “individually made with power tools”, right?

    • Anonymous

      “Handmade” = made by hand using hand tools powered by the user,

      “Machined” = made using power tools, regardless of the production run size.

      “Craftsmanship” = the ability to create a product using only raw materials, hand tools and the skill, knowledge and energy of the crafter.

      Simple definitions, really. Don’t know why so many struggle with the concept of ‘handmade’ and are all too willing to misuse and exploit the term when really, they’re just standing in front of a router or a lathe while the machine does the work. .

  205. No, I had my fingers surgically fused with different types of saws, chisels, planes, sanding belts and the like and then use my brute force for hours to hold them together while the glue dries. The tig welder I had fused to my thumb is quite amazing for making the mounting bracket. I figured this would all be easier than sourcing chunks of walnut and whittling them away to the shape of the shelf with my pocket knife. Thanks for the interest and helping to clear this up for others.

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  209. Nadine

    This costs more than my bike. And the shipping is pretty high too. I’m not surprised to see people thinking about making their own version. Don’t be angry about that; maybe give people some lower priced options. I use bike hooks in the ceiling. Your solution is definitely prettier but waaaaaay more costly.

  210. I’m not angry at all. I wish I could sell them for cheaper too. Taking rent, materials, tools, time, etc. into consideration, this is the price that makes sense for me to make them. These are never going to make me rich, trust me. I’m guessing the “salary” I make from this work is less than you make. Im simply trying to make a career of furniture making. Shipping costs are an issue to take up with UPS and USPS, I lose money on shipping. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there like you use. This definitely isn’t for everyone. I’m sorry these are too expensive for you but thanks for the bit of praise on it’s aesthetic.

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  213. Dan Muchler

    Gosh, this is pretty.

    If it weren’t for my terrible finances right now, I’d buy one immediately. Good stuff, my friend.

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  221. Have you ever considered creating an e-book or guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based on the same information you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my subscribers would enjoy your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e mail.

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  223. Rocky B

    Congrats! I just saw you bike shelf in dwell magazine! I love your furniture and designs. Great job 🙂

  224. Beautiful, elegant design. I don’t think it is expensive. Handmade has always come at a premium because of many factors. (I read about your shelf in Elle magazine)

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  226. Wow have just read through all of the comments and you are generating some serious interest, well done. I think you have done a fantastic job on the pricing and manufacture, you are never going to find something to suit absolutely everyone.

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  229. Jamie

    Hey Chris, I was curious to see what all the pieces you were cutting look like put together so I found your site.

    Great stuff!

    Talk to you later.

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  231. Nick

    Have you considered making a two-bike version? For couples or owners of multiple bikes, this would be awesome.

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  236. Are orders still on hiatus? I need this in my life!

  237. Hey Josh, check out my latest post for an explanation. In short… you can order, but I’m a bit backed up.

  238. Kim

    Love your designs, great work. Your bike shelf belongs in my apartment. Are you taking orders again yet?

  239. ozge ercan

    beautiful design
    but I’m from turkey
    2 pieces
    I will give orders
    and the price is quite expensive: (
    It would be nice if you do at least a small quantity discount.
    Will I receive when I order to turkey?
    Please give me your urgent reply

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  244. ozge ercan

    pls pls pls

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  251. Cara

    hey these are beautiful!
    just wondering if you have a version for female bikes?
    where the top tube is more on an angle?

    • I’m sorry Cara, but I don’t have a version for a female bike right now but it is something I have been working on when I have some time so hopefully this will happen not too far into the future.

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  253. PATRICK J

    Howdy, I saw this at one of the Design Within Reach stores but did not find it on their website. Beautiful work, btw!

    • Thanks Patrick, appreciate the kind words. I have a Bike Shelf up in 10 different DWR stores around the country to hold up one of the Public Bikes they are displaying. I am not selling them through DWR however. If you would like to order one, you would just need to fill out the form on this site.

      Thanks, Chris

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  256. todd

    I’m impressed with the designers patience, reply to all these(sometimes negative) responses.

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  258. I love your design so much I put it on my blog:

    Keep up the good work!


  259. Hey – love this! Got any solutions for a girls bike? You know, the ones with no straight bar, but rather a dipping one, so that young ladies may elegantly slide off their bikes in dresses.

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  266. Love it! Hope you don’t mind, I posted it on my blog. Will keep watching for a “step-through” bike design. Keep up the great work.

  267. heo

    it seem to be very simple,, but its idea is Big , so ,, if i have bike that look like those picture, i wanna purchase it

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  269. Jim

    Love the design…respect it as intellectual property. Have you thought about creating a woodworker’s plan so that those who are not inclined (or able) to pay the price you ask for the finished product, could build it themselves while paying you for the design?

  270. bike guy and carpenter dude

    great shelf but just I was reading your comments I noticed you tell someone off for steeling your design. Going out on a limb but how long have you been making these? Similar designs have been around for a long time. I made one very close to this about 10yrs ago. Be proud that someone wants to rip off your design! PS your pricing is truly a little high!

  271. Joe

    I have an Argon 18 E112 triathalon bike and it appears my bike will not fit the standard shelf dimensions. My top tube is about 2 1/4 inches from top to bottom (side view) and under 14 inches long. That would mean the opening to insert the bike must be at least 2 1/2 inches in order for it to fit. The 14 inches is the length of measurement on the bottom of the top tube, so the length of the shelf would have to be shorter than that because of the angles. If it helps you with measurements, here is the site: I look forward to your reply and hopefully a bike shelf. Thank you .

  272. Simon

    Hi, great product! Will there be any problems if the bike has the brake cable on the outside of the upper tube? cheers: Simon

  273. Supergreat product that just looks amazing. Great design for a great purpose. I’m running a swedish training/lifestyle blog called Kaloriguiden where I have put up an article of your shelf, I hope it generates a lot of new Swedish customers with small apartments 🙂

    For all swedish readers:

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  278. Thanks Chris! You’re such an inspiration!

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  280. Footagehead

    Great design. What’s the timeframe to delivery?

  281. Your weblog is showing far more interest and enthusiasm. Thank you so much.

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  283. I like this weblog and have saved as a favorite it. I’m going to expect to examine in additional details on my holiday

  284. If it’s of interest I once developed a bike hanger, useful in higher hallways using a pulley to get the thing up out of the way. Might be a useful addition to your range? (I have no intention of ever replicating or marketing it).

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  287. Wow, those woods are expensive! Is this shelf strong enough though?

  288. Pingback: The Bike Shelf from Knife and Saw

  289. taurolar

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  294. Jake Maczuga

    Wish I had seen this before I built one for my new carbon bike. I built one somewhat similar but not quite as elegant as yours. I did use some hardwood that I had about and so I wouldn’t risk damaging the frame at all, I lined it with pipe insulation. Ya’all boxed it in nicely and really made it pretty.

  295. Jake Maczuga

    How about providing a DIY kit?

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  297. Fantastic blog! Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally confused .. Any tips? Thanks a lot!

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  309. Jennifer

    All though I do not live in a big city that space is a issue I do live with my husband who is a bike addict and since a bike banking on the wall in the kitchen makes him exatremely happy, your shelf will make it happy for both of us! Thank u and as soon as ican get the card to order it I am getting him one!

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  316. joanapearl

    Chris that is so cool. You have no idea how this can help some urban folks like me that fight for every inch of available space inside our tiny apartments.
    I’m gona be honest, maybe it´s a bit expensive for me right now, but will surely consider to buy when the money is enough lol.

  317. Cool way to store a bike without messing with your storage space!

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  326. Nicholas

    Great idea, however the construction does not look like is allows for wood movement?

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  336. Steve Reins


    Please return my broken part. If you were going to charge to replace the part it would have been helpful if you said that up front. Even though it was professionally installed and lasted 5 years, I can’t prove it wasn’t my fault. Let’s just blame the grand kids.


    PS> Currently, Nolan Ryan is helping me out. Picture of him covering the huge whole in the wall and a bunch of little climber guys covering up the other smaller damage.

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