Bike Shelf & DWR

Hello all. I wanted to let you know about some exciting news regarding the Bike Shelf. A few weeks ago, the Bike Shelf went on display at 10 Design Within Reach stores around the country. At stores in Austin, Berkeley, Cambridge, Charlotte, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, New Orleans, Portland and Scottsdale, the Bike Shelf is holding up a bike from DWR Founder Rob Forbes’ new bike company, Public Bikes. I’m honored to be in the company of such great designers and furniture at these stores, and I think the Bike Shelf and Public Bikes look great together. If you are near any of these stores and would like to check out the Bike Shelf in person, you should stop by. They are not being sold through DWR, please still contact me directly if you are interested.

For more information, check out the DWR Blog.


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  1. Just wanted to mention one thing Chris: for ladies bikes there may be a problem with the weight distribution don’t you thing? I’m looking at the green bike and all I can say is that it may fit but it will force the bike shelf a bit more i think…

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