Scrap Table

There is always so much good lumber lying around the shop that is tossed aside after a project, only to be underutilized as a jig, or taken to the dump so I decided to try to make something from it. This table is made from Solid Ash cutoffs that have been lying around the shop for a while.

I took the pile of strips and glued them up into 2 table sized rectangles. After sanding then down, I then cut the ends off and and connected the pieces to create a set of continuous lines around the table. Where the scrap met up, they met and where they didn’t, there is a void.

I am still not sure where to put the table, but I hope it will find a home soon. Let me know if you are interested in it. There also might be more to come in different shapes and sizes if there is any interest for it.


14 responses to “Scrap Table

  1. Van

    This is gorgeous!

  2. triathlon

    Ingenious and beautiful. Keep ’em coming.

  3. pat

    what would you charge for something like that?? I LOVE those!

  4. nickanything

    Hey first time here…

    I just l0ve that table!! So cool I want to make one.
    I’ve been looking for a new coffee / occassional table for some time… I have a few ideas myself, but this is a true contender!

    Love your work.


  5. I’ve just discovered your work (the bike shelf! genius!), and was thrilled to find that you have a blog as well. This scrap table is brilliant, as well, and beautiful. Looking forward to more of your great work!

  6. Stephen Venkman

    brilliant use of scraps.

  7. Terese Gonzalez

    I want this table! Or at least one like it πŸ™‚ We are moving at the end of October and this would look stunning in our new place!!!!

  8. this would look perfect in my apartment πŸ™‚

  9. Emma

    Beeautiful. Nothing wasted.

  10. Michelle

    Gorgeous! How much are you asking for it?

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  12. Kyle H

    what about using a cityscape in the negative space? Chicago, NYC, etc..

  13. matt

    Love the use of cut-offs. I find that’s one of the easiest inspirations for any of my own building projects in the shop. Plus, the material is free. We just got a huge stack of maple in our shop (for some countertops) and I’ll be eyeing up the cutoffs.

  14. tres bien! i really like it!

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