I am always looking for ways to reduce my waste on projects by finding ways to use scrap. There isn’t always a great solution because scraps by definition are usually unusable cutoffs that tend to be small and oddly shaped.

When making the Bike Shelves, I end up with a lot of strips of nice Walnut from trimming various parts of the shelves. Since I love to cook and strips were the perfect cutoff, the best possible use of these seemed to be cutting boards.

The strips are biased at a slight angle and then the bottom “feet” are set perpendicular to them. The size of the cutting boards varies, but they tend to be around 11″x14″.

When the various cutoffs are glued up, it makes for a nice plaid effect.

Lastly, I brand them with the K&S logo.

I will continue to make these as long as I am making the Bike Shelves. I have a backlog of orders right now, so I need to stop taking orders until I can catch up and not have people waiting forever. The cutting boards cost $40 plus shipping.

9 responses to “Re-Cycle

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  2. These look wonderful – don’t suppose you could ship to London, UK?

  3. I agree, they look superb! Like Denise, I’m in the UK too and I’d love to buy one!

  4. Peter Bolay

    Hi Chris,
    I would like to purchase one of your cutting boards. I like your use of scrap
    pieces of wood as I do the same in my wood working shop. Like a sailor we also save rope, as you never know when you might need it. Please let me know to purchase a board. Thank You, Peter Bolay

  5. Tam

    Your stuff is absolutely wonderful. I play around with wood, but nothing to this extent – major major kudo’s to you on the beautiful work and the great usage of the scraps. I’m always thinking of ways to use them and actually stumbled across a company in montreal that actually makes their own plyboards from their scraps and makes beautiful kitchen tables/coffee tables, etc. Your work is fantastic though – congratulations!

  6. How much does it cost for shipping to Indonesia?

  7. Jim

    Great idea having the strips for the cutting board be cut at an angle. That makes the board more interesting. Nice work

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