Lil’zakos Crib

For those who know me, you of course know we are expecting our first child any day now. So… I decided the little guy should live in style and designed/built a crib for him.

It’s made from solid Ash (yes, it is VERY heavy) with a General Finishes (Earth/Kid-Friendly) Matte Finish.

There are inserts in the side walls for two mattress heights, so he can grow with it.

Also, there is a full length drawer along the bottom to house blankets and other kid stuff. Hope you like it.

5 responses to “Lil’zakos Crib

  1. Neil Estacio

    Hey Chris, congrats on the little man coming into your lives. Just saw the Bike Shelf making the rounds on twitter, visited the site and found out you got some more pimp stuff going on here 🙂

    Happy for you guys. I’ll check back from time to time; your son is lucky to have his stuff made with real care and soul.


  2. Adam

    wow. If only such beautiful cots existed to buy here! We’ve got twins on the way next year and your styles and design are right up our alley.

    Amazing work!

  3. Imma

    Beautiful! Love the crib.

  4. Hi Chris,

    Congrats on the baby, my wife and I just had our second son like 10 days ago. It’s a great crazy world you’re about to step into. Go with both feet! Oh and the crib is sweet, that big drawer will be very useful.

    I loved the bike shelf, and finally had a chance to check out your other projects. The scrap table and the work table for your client are both pretty pimp! Beautiful, modern and clean while feeling warm and inviting.

    I’d love to see if we could work together on a few things I had in mind. Not sure what yet, but really dig your stuff. I’ll contact you by email and see if there is something to it.

    Til then, congrats again and good luck!



  5. Chloe

    Who did the painting on the wall? Love it.

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