Coffee at 10 degrees

A friend approached me a while back about making her a coffee table. Then I had two children… my son and a Bike Shelf. So, luckily she was patient and after a bit of a wait, I finally got her the table she had been waiting for.


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5 responses to “Coffee at 10 degrees

  1. Adam

    Hi there,

    A friend shared this site with me a while ago and I’ve been an avid follower. Really beautiful work. Quick question: what kind of saw did you use to cut the table top?


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  3. need Apple to have a healthy market share to ensure a full selection of apps and accessories, and to keep Apple adding great new products.

  4. Chris you are a very talented person. My God what a beautiful coffee table. Congrats to you and to the lucky owner of that table.

  5. Chris you are a very skilled individual. My God what a wonderful desk. Best wishes to you and to the fortunate proprietor of that desk.

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