I am always looking for ways to reduce my waste on projects by finding ways to use scrap. There isn’t always a great solution because scraps by definition are usually unusable cutoffs that tend to be small and oddly shaped. When making the Bike Shelves, I end up with a lot of strips of nice Walnut from trimming various parts of the shelves. Since I love to cook and strips were the perfect cutoff, the best possible use of these seemed to be cutting boards. Read More.



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2 responses to “Re-Cycle

  1. Rick

    Great design! You may want to sell the blueprints for making this Bike Shelf instead of making them and using all your free time. I would be willing to pay for a pdf file showing how to build it and secure it to the wall. Or another thought; sell the “kit” and ship out the pieces to your customers at a reduce cost and let them assemble it. Just a thought.

    Best of luck to you,

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