Bike Shelf – Ash Closeup

Bike Shelf - Ash Closeup

5 responses to “Bike Shelf – Ash Closeup

  1. Otis Leung

    Would you please let me know how much for the rack and the shipping charges to Hong Kong?

    • Thanks for the interest. The prices are as follows: Solid Ash: $270USD Solid Walnut: $300USD Shipping to Hong Kong: $100 (6-10 days), $115 (3-5 days)

  2. this is phenomenal! how do I get one? in NYC.

  3. Andrea

    … obviously works exclusively for old bicycles with frames of a specific diameter in the upper tube, which HAS to be horizontal!
    What about all the new frames with a new type of ergonomic structure at angled positions?
    Suppose this structure is conceptualized only for fly-weight bikes; -therefore, you won’t need to consider providing
    serious bolting units for heavy-duty bikes ..i.e. average weight of a downhill bike: 18Kg
    But then again this wall-NUT$ contraption, supports hardly any of the average frames on the market of today!

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