Ash Bike Shelf

Please go here for the most updated information and purchasing options for The Bike Shelf. This site you are currently on is no longer being updated, there is a new Knife & Saw website

Bike Shelf - Ash Closeup

I finished the first batch of shelves and now have some photos of the Ash version to show all of you who have asked to see it.

Bike Shelf - Ash, both wide

As you can see, it’s a lighter wood with a yellow tint. Hope you like.

If you would like to order one, I am starting on the next batch Monday. Just email me to get your name on one in this batch. There are still a couple spots available. they should be ready to ship in 3-4 weeks.



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17 responses to “Ash Bike Shelf

  1. Hi! Nice work! Not to say awesome!
    I was really surprised to find your blog through another one on bikes. Could this take more than one bike?
    Keep the GOoD’s Work!

  2. Talia

    I’m very interested in purchasing one of these, when will that option be available? If it isn’t already

  3. Josh

    Interested in details about weight limits and mounting hardware. I like the concept. I’m limited in what I can mount permanently in my place. Thought about a gravity mod?

  4. Dariya

    Oh, I’d love to have one. My father is furious about my bike taking all the space on the balcony.
    Is it expensive, the shelf?
    Admired by creativity and simplicity.

  5. this is wonderful. i want one. how much are you selling them for?

  6. qb

    the top cross bar of my bike is curved slightly. could you make a shelf that would accept such a bike?

  7. Soul

    What a Rip off 270 bucks for a piece of wood? FAIL.

    • Just curious, what price exactly do you think these should cost? Take into consideration the price of lumber, steel and all of the other materials. Then think about the tools needed to make it and what those cost. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the time it takes to make these by hand by myself in San Francisco. This is my job, this is how I make money, and trust me, I am not going to get rich off of this.

      I totally agree, I wish these could be cheaper. It just wouldn’t make sense for me to make them. These aren’t made in China, or even in a factory here in the US. I make each of them myself. If you want something cheap, you should consider IKEA. They make some really nice looking stuff for super cheap and they make a lot more money off of it than I do.

  8. Just looking

    Was really excited until I saw the price… FAIL.

  9. Andrea

    Could it be that the wood scratches the colour coating of the bike frame, when pushing a bike into this contraption? Maybe it works with additional soft felt-coating in the middle …

  10. Simple and elegant. Great job!

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  12. Beautiful work Chris… not that I want to start a debate but for the record I just wanted to address the rather boorish and immature ‘FAIL’ comments in regard to the price.
    Art and craftsmanship costs money folks- its that simple. Buying a piece of hand crafted furniture that will last you a lifetime and wont look like crap at the end of that lifetime cannot be ‘priced.’
    I can’t afford one but I can be inspired by what your making not only on an aesthetic and design level but because you’re actually (hopefully) making a living and supporting your growing family by doing something you love. Once I start making money from designing and making something I love (as opposed to working crap jobs in cafes etc.) I’ll come back and happily buy one. Keep up the beautiful work.
    Oh and we’re pinning you over at in case you’re wondering.

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  14. hey man, great work. I make/ sell furniture myself and I know the pains of trying to explain how much things cost. Some people think they should be able to walk into wall mart and get this for $24.99. I’m will to bet we both drive pretty shitty cars. 🙂

  15. These are so awesome, once we have a big office space and some new wheels, these will be our fist purchase.

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