Back (for now)

Hello all. I am getting back online after a brief introduction to fatherhood hiatus. I am reading all my emails and getting back to anyone who wrote me to order, or just for more information. If you don’t hear from me in the next couple days, please forgive me and email me back so I can get your shelf order moving. I will be going into the shop tomorrow to start on a batch.

Many people have asked about sizing for their bikes, as well as how the shelf attaches to the wall. The shelf attaches to the wall by a steel mount I have welded that screws into the wall. For best results, the mount should screw into studs (made for 16″ apart) but should also work with one side in a stud and the other using a drywall screw. If your bike doesn’t fit, we can discuss tweaking the shelf to fit your bike.

Thanks again for all the nice emails/comments/blog posts, etc. This last week has been overwhelming on a couple fronts.


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  1. auntie erin

    i ❤ baby Z.

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