He has arrived…

My son has finally arrived. Born yesterday, everything is great. Super chill and happy. So, if you have emailed me in the last couple days (or in the next), sorry I haven’t replied. I’ll get back to you in a day or two when the storm passes.

This is crazy… In the best way possible.



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10 responses to “He has arrived…

  1. Congrats 1000 X’s over to you and Tina!!! Cant wait to meet him!

  2. Manuel

    gratulations! Wishing your wife, your son and of course you all the best for your challenging way together

  3. dina

    The best for yours son! To be healthy and lucky!

  4. Hey there.

    Just saw your gorgeous bike rack on Swiss Miss. Then popped over to see your blog. Beautiful stuff, can’t wait to see more. Seeing you just had a baby wanted me to share my work with you.

    Tina also posted about it:

    Take care, and keep up the great work!


  5. Joseph

    So Congratulations!!!!

  6. Dan

    Beautiful work. I am curious about the finish you use on your pieces… low sheen and very natural looking. What is it?

  7. Neil Estacio

    Happy fatherhood Biggie.

  8. Ingrid

    Congratulations! If you haven’t read “Crawling: A Father’s First Year” by Elisha Cooper, you should. It’s a super fast read, funny, poignant, so sweet.

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