Bike Shelf Pricing

Please go here for the most updated information and purchasing options for The Bike Shelf. This site you are currently on is no longer being updated, there is a new Knife & Saw website

Hello all. Thanks for all of the great feedback on the bike shelf. It’s been kind of overwhelming in a sense, but really nice to hear. I have finally nailed down the pricing and it as is follows:

Walnut (as seen in post and swatch here): $299

Ash (swatch seen here): $299

Many of you have emailed me asking for prices and wanting to order a shelf (or two), so if you are still interested, please email me again and let me know you would like one and I will get back to you on timing. As many of you know, I am expecting a son any day now (literally) so there might be a little delay but hopefully I can get to work on them soon.

Thanks again for all the nice feedback and hope to hear from you soon. You can see more photos here.

Please go here to purchase.


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11 responses to “Bike Shelf Pricing

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  6. unmuse

    How do these work for girl bikes. You know, without the high center bar?

  7. fedde

    Arent you afraid that the bike frame is going to get damaged by the book shelf?

  8. Sarah

    How much to post to Australia?

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